Lemon and Lime bore you? – Try these cordial recipes!

Rhubarb Cordial
You don’t know what a cordial is? You have never made one at home? – Don’t panic: this is a quick and easy way to master it. Basically you can do this with any fruit you like, but I will show you how to make orange cordial and rhubarb cordial.

The most famous cordial flavor is lime. It is the second important ingredient when making a Gimlet, besides gin of course. It was invented for the British Navy as a cure for scurvy and made its way to become one of the more famous gin cocktails.

However, it’s fun to replace lime as the main ingredient in a cordial. But, first things first: What the heck is a cordial? – It’s basically syrup, but it also contains fruit juice and in my opinion not as much sugar as a syrup. You can add citric acid if you like. It prolongs the shelf life and adds an acidic kick.

If you like you can add spices or other ingredients to your fruit of choice, but I like to keep things simple. The main area of application for a cordial is a Gimlet after all and this is a simple, but refreshing drink and should remain so. I like to replace the lime with oranges or rhubarb. Almost any fruit will work here, but it helps the after all balance of the drink if it contains a little acidity. So let’s get on to the recipe

Homemade Orange Cordial:
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250 ml Fresh Orange Juice
50 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
250 g Light Cane Sugar
5 Organic Orange Peels (Without white pith)
1 Large Organic Lemon Peel
½ Bsp. Citric Acid (optional)
3 cl Vodka

Add all ingredients (except vodka) to pan– bring to boil – let cool to room temperature – bring to boil again – let cool and bottle in clean bottles – add vodka and give a quick shake (after closing the bottle of course);

Homemade Rhubarb Cordial:
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3 Stems Rhubarb
50 ml Water
150 g Light Cane Sugar
½ Bsp. Citric Acid
1 cl Rum

Add all ingredients (except vodka) to pan– bring to boil – let cool to room temperature – bring to boil again – let cool and bottle in clean bottles – add rum and give a quick shake;

Now you may ask what to do with this new ingredient? You could make a drink of mine that’s called La Mejor Ola, or you could just make a Gimlet. You could even replace the Gin with Tequila and create something new entirely! Just experiment a little! And for the lacy ones here is my Rhubarb Gimlet recipe (you will probably find hundreds of them):

Rhubarb Gimlet

Rhubarb Gimlet:
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6 cl Tanqueray Ten Londond Dry Gin
2,5 cl Rhubarb Cordial
0,5 cl Lemon Juice

Shake – double strain – chilled Cocktail glass;
Garnish: Lemon Twist;

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I am Matthew. I am a mechanical engineering student and a former bartender from the second biggest city in Bavaria, Germany. I have been working in the gastronomy sector since I am sixteen. So, it does not come as a surprise that drinks and spirits are my passion. I especially like trying new products and the art of creating new cocktails, preferably with exotic or homemade ingredients.

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