You will find all of my homemade ingredients here:

Up All Night – Nardini Amaro

Since a few years, there is a clear Amaro trend in US bars. However, as with a lot of “trends”, e.g. tequila, it seemed for quite some time that it would not gain a foothold … Read more

The Giantess – Dry Fly Whiskies

After short holidays here on the blog, I will present to you the rest of the Dry Fly line-up. Besides the potent Cask Strength and the huckleberry wine finished wheat whiskies I already sampled, there … Read more

Coffee Gimlet – Prütt Coffee Gin

Well, yes I said I was not going to write about gin if it does not come in Navy Strength. However, this new one from Munster has coffee in it! Coffee – the stuff that … Read more

Zingaro – Don Fulano Fuerte

After all this bourbon whiskey, it is time to focus on some interesting agave spirit again! In the case of the Don Fulano Fuerte, we are not only talking about a high quality tequila, but … Read more

Santa Esmeralda – Atlantico Reserva

I know that the El Presidente is a great cocktail and it is what you should order when you are craving something stronger in Summer. That being said, there is no reason why you should … Read more

Splitter – Dry Fly Cask Strength Wheat Whiskey

While everyone (bartender) loves bourbon and rye whiskey, they easily forget about other interesting whiskey categories from the States. There is a growing number of corn, Tennessee and wheat whiskies from a few big producers … Read more

Song And Serenade – Birds Weissbrand

Finally, it seems to have caught on with spirit start-ups that the next new gin might not be the best way to start your venture. Besides the already featured German rum, Birds Weissbrand is another … Read more

Mellow Out – Studer Vieil Apricot

Sometimes you are not really looking for a new recipe when you get hit by a flash of inspiration! Ok, I admit while browsing through the Starchefs photo gallery I often cannot help myself, but to … Read more

Fire Dies Down – Viti Icelandic Aquavite

Iceland probably is famous for many great things (e.g. volcanoes), but one thing I never figured is that they would become famous for spirits. Nevertheless, this is already the second product I am reviewing from … Read more

Homemade Ingredients: Yuzu Cordial

It seems like I have neglected this category for quite some time now. Something has to be done against that! Luckily I was just experimenting with a cordial recipe, which is the perfect opportunity to … Read more

How To Make Tonic Water At Home!

        After the Tonic Water Tasting, I asked myself how homemade Tonic Water would stand up to the test. This actually was something I wanted to try for a long time now. … Read more

Tiki Drink Essentials: Vanilla Syrup

If you didn’t notice before: Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors. I’m talking about real vanilla here, not the cloyingly sweet vanilla flavor you know from ice cream or stuff like that.

Tiki Drink Essentials: Cinnamon Syrup

This is an important ingredient in Tiki drinks. Especially the original Zombie wouldn’t be the same without it. But don’t worry, making it isn’t much harder than making plain simple syrup.

The Simplest Thing: Simple Syrup

As I use a lot of different types of sugar in my drinks I will tell you how to make a syrup that will quickly dissolve in your cocktail. You can use any type of … Read more

How To Make Use Of Left Over Vanilla Beans

This is a delicious recipe for homemade vanilla liqueur. You could of course just buy vanilla liqueur, but do you really want that artificial flavor and cloying sweetness, when it is so easy to make … Read more