Indecision – Mancino Vermouth

Three weeks into the Tiki month and still no rum! I know it sounds like I am doing this on purpose, but I promise you it is just a coincident, that all the drinks I came up with this year use other ingredients besides rum! This time we will ponder over the question if there can be a “light” Tiki drink? For me the answer clearly is yes, but does a drink which prominently features vermouth as its main ingredient, still have that Tiki vibe? Read more

Palms – Palms Arrak

Keeping the non-rum-theme for another week during Tiki month, I am presenting to you the Palms cocktail using – Palms Arrak. What might seem like an uninspired cocktail name, actually is another one of my musical references. Apart from that, you also have to keep in mind, that we are not talking about a Batavia Arrak here, but an Arrak made from palm sap. Read more

Bavarian Zombie – The Duke Rough Gin

For the start of this years Tiki Month I picked up the not-a-rum-drink-theme from the Winchester. However, instead of just replicating the Gin Zombie recipe, I decided to use typical Bavarian ingredients to create a new drink. I ended up with a combination of gin, Korn and pear eau de vie. Of course, the drink had to be served in a characteristic mug! Read more

Dark Four Door – Pierre Ferrand Réserve

Even though cognac is a classic cocktail ingredient, it gets side-lined by other more famous spirits most of the time! When you do find a recipe calling for it, most of the times it uses V.S. or V.S.O.P cognacs. However, cocktails using older cognacs are very rare! Spontaneously I can only think of two the Truffle Sazerac and the Desmo cocktail. This is why I decided to create my own version of an aged cognac drink. Read more

Espresso Manhattan – Eagle Rare Bourbon

A few months ago I sampled a great bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. However, at least here in Germany the E.H. Taylor Small Batch is quite an expensive tipple. So, I thought I give the Eagle Rare Bourbon a try. It also comes from Buffalo Trace and on top of that even from the same mash bill as the E.H. Taylor. Apart from that, I also wanted to us the Cold Dripper I got for Christmas. I just had to put those two things together! Read more

Unbottled: Dosnon Récolte Rosé

One of my new-years-resolutions was to write more about wine. To fulfil that promise, I am starting off with the best kind of wine there is, champagne! The bottle in question comes from Davy Dosnon a small producer from the Aube region. Usually rosé champagne is a bit tricky. Often it tastes like pink berry lemonade. However, this rosé is different, not only in taste, but also in the way it is produced! Read more

Blue Beard Daiquiri – Plantation Rum Guyana 2005

As the first article in 20178 I decided to remind ourselves of warmer days! Therefore, I prepared a summery, Daiquiri variation for us. Besides a great Demerara rum, the recipe also includes an organic flavouring. Before you now cry out in horror of food flavouring, let me assure you that the Junip Natural Organic Flavour is as high-quality as it gets: The flavour only comes from real fruits, herbs as well as spices and no essential oils or additives are used! Read more

Spirited News: The Best of 2017

Of course, I could not let you go into a new year without a proper year in review! So, in this long standing tradition, I will present to you the ten best spirits I tried here at the Augustine-Bar blog during the last year. The top ten is clearly dominated by whiskeys, but there also are three eau de vies, a rum and two gins among the best spirits in 2017. I am especially pleased that three spirits even managed to get the best possible rating of 5 lions. Read more