Future People – Vallendar Hazelnut Piedmont Eau De Vie

This week it seems like I again can keep up my promise to deliver you more articles on eau de vies this year! This time it is all about a small change to an already great product: The renown producer Vallendar created a new hazelnut eau de vie using only hazelnuts grown in the Piedmont region in Italy. Of course, I could not wait to see if this seemingly minor changes makes a difference! Read more

Cats Eyes – Citadelle Extrêmes No.1 No Mistake Old Tom Gin

The first gin I want to present to you in 2017 is a rather special one! Even the name sounds very intriguing, Citadelle Extrêmes No.1 No Mistake Old Tom Gin. The two things the discerning gin drinker can take away from this title are: First, that this new gin comes from renown French producer Ferrand and second that it is an Old Tom style gin. Read on to find out, if this alone can justify the higher price tag! Read more

Metal & Dust – Scheibel Moor Birne

After several mentions of this special pear eau de vie I just had to get my hands on a bottle. Now that I did, I can quite understand what the fuss is all about. Although eau de vie purists probably will turn up their noses, because of the addition of a pear infusion. Yet, besides making delicious cocktails, it is first and foremost a spirit that brings people together! Read more

Spirited News: The Best Of 2016

Yes, I am also doing a end-of-the-year review thing now. It is not only to have something quick to write about without doing actual work between the holidays, but also because I was curious myself. Over the year I tried quite a lot of different spirits and to boil it down to an actual top ten kind of made sense for me. So, ladies and gentleman, bellow you will find the ten best spirits I featured here on my blog in 2016! Read more

Here In Spirit – N.Kröger Strawberry Rum

Happy Christmas to everybody! Even though the drink I want to present to you is kind of an inappropriate one for Christmas. However, there is nothing wrong with reminding yourself of summer every once and a while! One great way to do so is to take a sip of Strawberry Rum from Nicolas Kröger! I am a big fan of his products after trying his Platinum Rum. I especially like his new and unconventional approach to spirits. Apart from rum, he also makes juniper based liquors! Read more

Spirited News Christmas Special 2016

The latest Spirited News were supposted to be the last for this year, but I have a special treat for you! I stumbled upon the latest Drinks Syndikat box! Ever since the guys featured my “Metallic Cloud” in their craft beer box I am a big fan! If you are looking for festive drinks, get this sparkling cocktail set! Read more

Spirited News 08/2016: Gin, again…, pears and something sweet!

In the probably last spirited news for 2016 we take a closer look at a great mix of new arrivals at the blog. Yes, there is no escaping the omnipresent gin! Yet, the bottle in question comes from Birgitta Rust and it is clearly influenced by eau de vies. Apart from that, I am also presenting to you a very promising Bartlett pear eau de vie from the Weingut Schmidt. Last but not least, we also take a closer look at three syrups from pHenomenal Drinks which are perfect for mixing refreshing cocktails and highballs. Read more

Lion Face Boy – VOR Navy Strength Gin

This is already the third spirit from the Eimverk distillery I am presenting to you! And I will be honest, I am very much in love with their products. They are unconventional and typically Icelandic. This means that if you are looking for a gin which complies to the standards you are completely wrong here. However, if you want something special and individual which sets itself apart from the others you should absolutely choose the VOR Gin! – Especially when it comes in a Navy Strength version! Read more

The Conqueror – Great King Street Whiskies & Weingut Schmidt Trester Reserve


Excuse the long headline, but this is a rather big article! Not only do I want to present three different spirits to you, but also while all of them were really excellent, one of them just blew me away! On top of that, I am also very pleased with the cocktail which actually contains all three spirits. So, if you are a whisky lover and also not averse to grape marc spirits this is exactly the right article for you. That being said, if this is not the case, you should read on regardless! Read more

What Next Dear One – Birgitta Rust Orange Liqueur


Nowadays there are a lot of orange liqueurs out there and some of them are very well known. However, there are also a lot of small producers who are making great orange flavoured spirits. Today I want to present to you the orange liqueur made by Brigitta Rust an eau de vie producer from Bremen. I was especially curious about this one, because as you know I am crazy about everything concerning eau de vies! Read more

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