Post Tropical – Plantation Haiti X.O. Single Cask Rum

After a personal recommendation, I had to get my hands on a special bottle of Ferrand’s Plantation series: Besides their non-age-statement and vintage lines, Plantation also bottles rum from individual casks. The rum in question comes from Haiti, a country where I so far had only sample Clairin from. This means I had no previous experiences with the flavours of Haitian rum and could sample the rum impartially. Of course, there is also a special cocktail recipe waiting for you in this article! Read more

Strawbear & Tin Man – Wild Turkey Whiskies

Well, this article is actually about two cocktails and they both have nothing to do with Alice In Wonderland. Instead, the article is about the two American whiskies from the Wild Turkey distillery. Both, the bourbon and the rye whisky are bottled at 100 proof which is the first good sign for a quality whisky. However, the ABV and their origin are the two only things those two whiskies have in common. This is also why I decided two mix two completely different cocktails with them. Read more

Mood Swing Baby – Faude Blood Orange & Mondino Stagionato

I somehow missed Negroni Week this year! This is somehow atypical for me, but I still have some great ideas for Negroni variations. One of them is not only composed of gin, but also includes a fabulous blood orange eau de vie. As if this was not enough there also is a new, limited Mondino variation. Read more

Carry It On: Harris Gin, Reisetbauer Karotte & Kramer Liqourice Liqueur

After an involuntary break from blogging, let’s continue with a great new article: Although, I am hoping that the “next big thing” will be eau de vies, from time to time a new gin still manages to win me over! So, I took this as a reason to combine eau de vie and gin in one unusual cocktail recipe. To make things even more odd, I also decided to use a local liquorice liqueur, too. If all of this might sound too crazy for you, I get it, but it turned out to be a pretty great combination after all! Read more

The Giantess – Dry Fly Whiskies

After short holidays here on the blog, I will present to you the rest of the Dry Fly line-up. Besides the potent Cask Strength and the huckleberry wine finished wheat whiskies I already sampled, there is also a rather strong bourbon and a whisky distilled from a rye – wheat hybrid called triticale. Of course, like the others those two whiskies were produced according to the “farm to bottle” credo. Read more

House & Farm – Dry Fly Port Barrel Wheat Whiskey

After diving into rye whiskies some weeks ago, it is time to take a closer look at some other American whiskeys as well! In this case, it is all about an unconventional and therefore rather special whiskey. The Dry Fly Port Barrel Wheat Whisky is finished in huckleberry wine barrels. This is why, it is not allowed to call itself “Straight Wheat Whiskey” I am always curious to see what a fortified wine finish can bring to the mix! Read more