Here you will find my own cocktail creations:

Violet – Pontica Red Vermouth

Everybody who asks me what the next trend after gin will be, I am telling that it probably will be vermouth. Like gin, you can make it everywhere and in a wide range of variations. … Read more

Indecision – Mancino Vermouth

Three weeks into the Tiki month and still no rum! I know it sounds like I am doing this on purpose, but I promise you it is just a coincident, that all the drinks I … Read more

Palms – Palms Arrak

Keeping the non-rum-theme for another week during Tiki month, I am presenting to you the Palms cocktail using – Palms Arrak. What might seem like an uninspired cocktail name, actually is another one of my … Read more

Bavarian Zombie – The Duke Rough Gin

For the start of this years Tiki Month I picked up the not-a-rum-drink-theme from the Winchester. However, instead of just replicating the Gin Zombie recipe, I decided to use typical Bavarian ingredients to create a … Read more

Gin Mai Tai – Citadelle Gin

I know, a Mai Tai is not the most Christmassy cocktail. – In fact, it is quite the opposite! – Nevertheless, this variation using gin instead of rum is so good that you basically can … Read more

Cherrybomb – Vecchio Amaro Del Capo

This article ends the small series on Amaros and we are once again turning our attention to Italy: This time we are reviewing two different Amaros from the Distilleria Caffo in Calabria. In Italy the … Read more

Slomo – Windspiel Kraut & Knolle

Continuing the short excursion into Amaros with a representative, not from Italy, but from Germany. Windspiel, the gin producer from the Eifel region, broadened its product portfolio with a herbal spirit. This potato vodka based … Read more

Up All Night – Nardini Amaro

Since a few years, there is a clear Amaro trend in US bars. However, as with a lot of “trends”, e.g. tequila, it seemed for quite some time that it would not gain a foothold … Read more

Falernum Sour No. 2 – Admiral Rodney Rum

When it comes to rum, the first islands and countries most people think about are Jamaica, Guyana and maybe the Dominican Republic. However, basically every country in the Caribbean produces rum. This is why we … Read more

Ixtapa – The Amber Falernum

Chances are high that you never heard of Falernum! However, among the more obscure rum liqueurs, like Pimento Dram or Swedish Punch, it very well may be the most famous. When used right, Falernum definitely … Read more

Strawbear & Tin Man – Wild Turkey Whiskies

Well, this article is actually about two cocktails and they both have nothing to do with Alice In Wonderland. Instead, the article is about the two American whiskies from the Wild Turkey distillery. Both, the … Read more

The Giantess – Dry Fly Whiskies

After short holidays here on the blog, I will present to you the rest of the Dry Fly line-up. Besides the potent Cask Strength and the huckleberry wine finished wheat whiskies I already sampled, there … Read more

Coffee Gimlet – Prütt Coffee Gin

Well, yes I said I was not going to write about gin if it does not come in Navy Strength. However, this new one from Munster has coffee in it! Coffee – the stuff that … Read more

Same Dark Places – Clement Creole Shrubb

Sometimes you need inspiration for a drink: Maybe it comes in the form of a classic cocktail, or your favourite bartender’s new invention. Yet, some other times you just combine some ingredients you figure might … Read more

C'est Si Bon – Daron Calvados

Well, it is again time to look at a rather underappreciated cocktail ingredient: Calvados! This very traditional French apple brandy is not very popular in bars, but it never fails to give drinks a perfect … Read more

Tiki Month 2017: Augustine-Bar Rum Barrel

It’s February and this means that it is Tiki month again! In this proud tradition I present to you a month full of exotic, Polynesian-style cocktails. Of course, this also means a lot of rum, … Read more

Here In Spirit – N.Kröger Strawberry Rum

Happy Christmas to everybody! Even though the drink I want to present to you is kind of an inappropriate one for Christmas. However, there is nothing wrong with reminding yourself of summer every once and … Read more

Lion Face Boy – VOR Navy Strength Gin

This is already the third spirit from the Eimverk distillery I am presenting to you! And I will be honest, I am very much in love with their products. They are unconventional and typically Icelandic. … Read more

Against The Grain – VollKorn

This time the name of the drink reflects the approach the VollKorn takes to the current spirit business. In a world where there are plenty of gins around the VollKorn takes a whole new approach! … Read more

Zingaro – Don Fulano Fuerte

After all this bourbon whiskey, it is time to focus on some interesting agave spirit again! In the case of the Don Fulano Fuerte, we are not only talking about a high quality tequila, but … Read more

Sweet & Bitter Taste – Boar Gin

A lot of unusual things are used to make gin nowadays! Even such rare delicacies as truffles. Now, you might think that this is something new when in fact there are several truffle gins from … Read more

Ivy & Gold – Mezan Jamaican X.O. Rum

Years ago I first encountered Mezan rum on Simon Difford’s Difford’s Guide homepage where he the Panama Don Jose 1995 rum a 5+ rating. For Mr. Difford’s standards this is a very rare rating and … Read more

Be Mine – B My Gin

I  know, I complained a lot about new gins still being introduced to the market… Well, I resigned, I will just appreciate every new drop of gin as a contribution to the diversity of the … Read more

Santa Esmeralda – Atlantico Reserva

I know that the El Presidente is a great cocktail and it is what you should order when you are craving something stronger in Summer. That being said, there is no reason why you should … Read more

Fractured Air – San Cosme Mezcal

I know that Mezcal is not the latest trend amongst bartenders and cocktail aficionados. I myself also have tasted a fair amount of it so far, but still most of Mezcal cocktails I mixed so … Read more

Bend – Faude Cucumber Eau De Vie

Yes, you read right: cucumber eau de vie – a distilled spirit made out of cucumbers. This might seem like a poor idea at first glance, yet everyone is already throwing cucumber wheels in their … Read more

Splitter – Dry Fly Cask Strength Wheat Whiskey

While everyone (bartender) loves bourbon and rye whiskey, they easily forget about other interesting whiskey categories from the States. There is a growing number of corn, Tennessee and wheat whiskies from a few big producers … Read more

Mind Vs. Matter – Ramazotti Arancia

Similar to the gin trend here in Europe, the United States encountered an Amaro-trend the last few years. Not only is it en vogue for a bar to carry a whole shelf dedicated to this … Read more

Mr. Pink – Hoos Pink Grapefruit Gin

If you are looking for a modern German gin that does not make a fuss about itself, you are definitely well advised to try Heiko Hoo’s London Gin. Apart from that, Heiko does not rest … Read more

Another Spring – Oro Ibiza Gin

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about the Oro Ibiza Gin. The combination of its unusual design and the relatively low ABV made me think that this gin … Read more

Harold Bloom – Hoos Reserve Gin

I already introduced the regular Hoos Gin to you some time ago. Now Heiko Hoos is back again with two bottlings of his Reserve Gin. Why am I sampling two different batches here, you might … Read more

Keep Growing – Hibiki Japanese Harmony

When doing research for an article about the Negroni I stumbled on the Harajuku cocktail. The special thing about this Negroni variation was its use of Hibiki Blended Japanese Whisky. Since, the big aricle on … Read more

Song And Serenade – Birds Weissbrand

Finally, it seems to have caught on with spirit start-ups that the next new gin might not be the best way to start your venture. Besides the already featured German rum, Birds Weissbrand is another … Read more

Mellow Out – Studer Vieil Apricot

Sometimes you are not really looking for a new recipe when you get hit by a flash of inspiration! Ok, I admit while browsing through the Starchefs photo gallery I often cannot help myself, but to … Read more

Fire Dies Down – Viti Icelandic Aquavite

Iceland probably is famous for many great things (e.g. volcanoes), but one thing I never figured is that they would become famous for spirits. Nevertheless, this is already the second product I am reviewing from … Read more

Fever – Dark Matter Spiced Rum

In this unpleasant weather we all are in need for something to fight the cold and keep the doctor away! This is why I set to work and created a hot cocktail to do exactly … Read more

Outta My Mind – Revolte Rum

Similar to last week’s article on the Tesla Sljivo this one is about another new German spirit start-up. The Revolte Rum is distilled in Worms and wants to break with some of the conventions we … Read more

Blush – A Sorrel Julep

Sometimes inspiration strikes you at unusual places. This was also the case with this cocktail: When I was passing the herb bed the other day I noticed some sorrel growing and instantly thought: “Why not … Read more

Armistice – Roner Z44 Gin

It seems like no matter what I do, I can’t shake the gin… Yet, gin producers continue to give their best to surprise me with new variations that attract my attention. In this case, I … Read more

Brief & Bright – Citadelle Gin

Today I have an almost iconic Gin for you: the Citadelle Dry Gin from Ferrand. Now the problem with a classic is, that there is no news to report. Nevertheless, because of its strong flavour … Read more

Escape Artist – Glendalough Poitín

Sometimes things happen which you do not expect. In this case, I was prepared to taste the Sonoma County Distilling Rye, but the presentation ended up in a full on whisky tasting. This way, my … Read more

Patron & Saint – Sonoma County Rye

This time I first created a cocktail and began looking for the right spirit afterwards. Maybe that is not totally right, because I had the idea of making a Manhattan style cocktail with green walnut … Read more

The BTSTU – Ferdinand’s Quince Gin

On the Saarland trip with the Trinklaune team, I was given a small bottle of Ferdinand’s Quince Gin. Actually there is some controversy as what to call it here, because the Quince Gin is nor … Read more

Very Unusual Negroni With VOR Gin

As my blogger colleague Daniel already described on Trinklaune the VOR Gin is not easy to mix with. However, I gave my best and ended up with a rather pleasant drink after a few tries. … Read more

Unbottled: Black Forest Dry Gin

View in: de en Man könnte den Schwarzwald als etwas wie das Epizentrum des Deutschen Gins bezeichnen, schließlich kommt auch der allseits bekannte Klassenprimus aus dem Schwarzwald. Mit dem Black Forest Dry Gin, versucht sich … Read more

Unbottled: Windspiel Gin

View in: de en Über den Windspiel Gin wurde an anderer Stelle schon ausführlich berichtet. Dennoch fand ich das Konzept dieses Gins so interessant, dass ich ihn auch auf meinem Blog vorstellen wollte. Besonders die … Read more

Mixology Monday XCV: Call Me Old-Fashioned

As I already mentioned in the article on February’s Mixology Monday I am planning on taking part more often. Especially when the topic is right up my alley like this month’s: Old-Fashioned variations.

Tiki Drink Sacrilege: 38. Al Special

Sometimes your guests demand something “special”, something extraordinary. Of course you could just suggest a classic cocktail that fits their taste, but another thing that I like to do and what I consider pretty much … Read more

Japanese Inspired Cocktails: X&Y

With this last Japanese inspired cocktail a few things are different from the other two drinks. Besides using another base spirit, the inspiration for this one came from a song. To finally come full circle, … Read more

The Mexican Old Cuban: Tamacun

I am a thief! I stole this recipe from – Well, to justify my deed: I didn’t really steal it. I just used their recipe as an inspiration and changed a some of the … Read more

Truth Or Dare? – Try This Daring Gin Drink!

Even to me some of my cocktail ideas sound strange: This drink for instance uses garden radish and balsamic vinegar to create an unusual, but also surprisingly delicious taste sensation.

World Cup Cocktail: Golden Smash

Are you fed up with all the bad Caipirinhas you have to gulp down while attending World Cup parties? Check out my variation for a more sophisticated cocktail that you can actually enjoy while watching … Read more

Martinis Reimagined: Bravery

The second drink in this mini-series is a variation of the Hanky Panky cocktail. Which itself is a variation of a sweet Martini, which is a variation of the classic Martini. So calling it a … Read more

Martinis Reimagined: My Heroics Part I

You are probably bored by the endless Martini variations out there! Nevertheless, I had some interesting ideas floating around in my head and let me tell you this: they turned out be rather good.

Mixology Monday LXXXIV: Nonalcoholic Cocktails

This month’s Mixology Monday is all about nonalcoholic cocktails. – Now don’t panic and run off to Small Screen Network to get your fix! It’s about high quality cocktails, just without the alcohol!

A Nutty Wave Of Flavors: La Mejor Ola

In my opinion Sherry is a far too underestimated ingredient. That’s why I often try to come up with new drinks that use this fortified wine. I am especially proud of this one, because it … Read more

Winter Is Coming: The Winter Moon

Ok this Game of Thrones reference is just stupid! Of course winter is not coming! On the contrary: The cold days may be over soon! Who says you can’t still enjoy a winter drink? Here … Read more

Fixing The Sidecar: The Sidecard

The Sidecar always tasted a bit unbalanced to you? – You think Cognac and Brandy are for elderly people? Maybe I can change your mind about that with this fruity and potent cocktail.

Reinventing The Zombie: The Havana Undead

Reinvented might sound a bit exaggerated, but with all these different zombie recipes floating around I think it is ok to add one of your own. After all, Tiki drinks call for a little experimenting. … Read more