Araneroni – Arancellos and Limoncellos

I had my first Limoncello Tonic, at the now defunct Bar Franzotti 2014 in Berlin. Before that, I only associated too much sweetness and too intense lemon flavours with limoncello. However, the Limoncello Tonic proofed me wrong. The tonic water diluted the sweetness just enough and the citrus notes obviously work well with tonic water. Now limoncellos and arancellos are in high fashion again. Therefore, I am trying four different ones for you today. Read more

An Apricot Eau de Vie Blind Tasting

As you might know, I am a big fan of eau de vies. On top of that, I also love apricots. However, compared to apple, pear or plum eau de vies, apricot eau de vies are not that common. A reason for that might be, that it is not that easy to get high-quality apricots. Even if you do, it is even harder to turn them into an eau de vie which represents the whole flavour of the fruit. This is why some friends and I made a socially distanced blind tasting and compared the whopping number of fifteen apricot eau de vies.

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Calling Long Distance – Normindia Gin

Everybody does gin now. However, if you operate a third generation calvados distillery, you probably know what you are doing. So, when I heard that Domian du Coquerel which I recently featured were doing a gin I needed to try it. Of course, they are also using apples in the recipe which also gave me an idea for a cocktail. On top of that, I also like to introduce a special rum liqueur to you.

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Manos – Distillerie de Paris Vodka

I do not completely recall where I picked up the idea for a mandarin Negroni, but I instantly knew that I had to come up with a recipe for it. So, when I found myself in possession of a “flavoured” vodka from a boutique distillery, I thought I give it a try in this drink. On top of that, I also wanted to use a natural bitter liqueur from Del Professore.

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Joy & Eternity – Monteru Cabernet Sauvignon

Of course, you can mix champagne cocktails with other high-quality sparkling wine. However, sometimes it just has to be the original. So, when I opened up a bottle of organic champagne from Marguet, I just had to mix a cocktail with it. As a base for my recipe I chose the Prince of Wales cocktail, because this royal drink seemed quite fitting.

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Rainbow Body – Legent Bourbon

There are a lot of regulations when it comes to bourbon whisky. Nevertheless, this does not keep distilleries from experimenting with cask finishes. Yet, mostly smaller distilleries were doing it. With the Legent Bourbon it is Jim Beam who finish their bourbon in sherry and wine casks. On top of that, the whisky also celebrates the Japanese whisky tradition and knowledge with a special collaboration.

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