Spirited News 06/2018: Farthofer Single Grain Whiskys

The renown eau de vie distillery Farthofer also started to produce whiskys. While on first glance this might seem like nothing really new, the degree to which the whisky is produced in-house is still something special. Josef Farthofer grows eight different heirloom grain varieties on his fields and also built his own malting. This is why I am very happy to introduce three different single grain, single cask whiskies to you!

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Rum Padovani – Plantation Peru Multivintage Rum

The last instalment in the 2018 Plantation Rum Single Cask Collection is a multi vintage rum from Peru. Since, this is the highest proof of all different single cask collection rums I tried in the last articles , it should be quite interesting. On top of that, the rum’s finish in Willett Rye Whiskey cask’s further spiked my interest. Last but not least, I also have a simple, but yet refined cocktail variation for you. Read more

Jungle – Plantation Panama 12 Years Single Cask Collection 2018

The third instalment in the 2018 Single Casks Collection from Plantation is a 12-year-old rum from Panama. After its initial ageing process in its home-country and Plantation’s obligatory stay in cognac casks, the Panama 12 Years Rum gets a rare single malt cask finish. So, this should be rather interesting to see if there is a difference in aroma and taste. On top of that, the finish sounds like an ideal reason to mix up Manhattan-style cocktails. Read more

Scroll Call – Plantation Guatemala X.O. Single Cask Collection 2018

This year’s Plantation Rum Single Cask bottlings follow the new course of full disclosure. This is also the case with the new Plantation Guatemala X.O. rum. From the four bottles I am going to review, this might be the best choice for beginners. Nevertheless, the Guatemala X.O. has nice flavours to offer and makes pretty decent cocktails, too! Read more

Back in the dog house – A high proof bourbon review

It has been a while since I reviewed the last bourbon here on the blog. This is why, I thought I will give two bottles a try which I had my eye set on for a long time: The Old Grand Dad 114 Proof and the Pure Kentucky X.O. bourbon. Both clock in at above 100 proof, so tasting them in cocktails should be interesting. Another thing they have in common is that they are often overlooked and are also hard to get here in Germany. Read more

Mountain To Move – Barbayanni Blue Label Ouzo

On our recent trip to Greece, I of course had to bring back a bottle of booze. While my eye was not set on any particular spirit, the choice fell on the Barbayanni Blue Label Ouzo. While ouzo is not hard to find in Germany at all, mostly cheaper bottlings are bought. This is why I was curious to try a high quality ouzo like the Barbayanni. Read more

Spirited News 05/2018: Whisky Blind Tasting

Like the previous Spirited News, this one is also a special edition. I do not even know what I am reviewing for you today. The only thing I know is that it is supposed to be whisky. However, it could be a bourbon, rye, single malt or even something completely different. On the one hand this means, that I can only rely on my taste buds and on the other hand that I am very curious for the solution! Read more

One Bottle One Drink – The Art Of Choke

The next bottle up for the One Bottle One Drink series in the spirits cabinet is Cynar. Since it has a distinct bitterness there are just people out there who either love or hate this Italian Amaro made from artichokes! Obviously, as a bartenders or cocktail enthusiasts you just have to belong to the first group. – Seriously, I would never persuade anyone with a sensitive palate to drink Cynar. But if you like Amaros, there’s no way around this dark brown elixir! Read more