Pearl in Sandbox – Scheibel Prune Brandy

There are liqueurs out there meant for mixing and then there are high-quality fruit brandies which are almost to exquisite too be mixed. In this case, Scheibel introduced a new “Alte Zeit” brandy with plum flavour. Of course, I was eager to try it and I also came up with a suitable drink. On top of that, I also got the chance to try two whiskies from Scheibel. Read more

Feel Good – Douglas Laing The Gauldrons

I am a big fan of Douglas Lang Regional Malt’s series. However, there was one standard edition missing. The Gauldrons blended malt whisky consists of different single malts from Campbeltown. This rather unique and almost underappreciated Scottish whisky region was once the whisky capital of the world. However, today only three distilleries remain. When it comes to mixing a drink with it, a lucky accident helped to come up with a tasty after dinner cocktail. Read more

Berkley Bridge – Brockman’s Gin

Brockman’s Gin claimed October as Brocktober where twenty Mixologists create cocktails and post them one after the other. So, today it is my turn and I decided to come up with a punch recipe. Furthermore, instead of adding complementary flavours, I played heavily on the Brockman’s Gin proprietary berry notes. While I am quite pleased with the result, let us see what the other folks think of my creation. Read more

Home Bar Awards 09/21 – Bend Your Knee

So, this month’s Home Bar Awards challenge revolves around Bee’s Knees variations. This also means it is right up my alley, because I am a big fan of the original Bee’s Knees cocktail. However, since I did not get my hands on Barr Hill Gin which partnered with Home Bar Awards, I used a barrel-aged Old Tom Gin instead. Apart from that, I also included thyme and an Islay Single Malt whisky. Read more

Negroni Week 21 – Sun Hands

Better late than never, I finally got around to mix up a drink for Negroni Week 2021. I already had a basic concept in mind, but the final result was heavily influenced by Nanda’s Strawberry Balsamic Negroni. Furthermore, this gave me the chance to try out the wild strawberry Campari infusion I made a few weeks back. Add balsamico fig jelly to the mix and you have quite a different drink from your regular Negroni, but quite the delicious one. Read more

Quartz – 1783 Barbados Rum

I have to admit that I only discovered the joys of rum from the Foursquare distillery at the beginning of this year. On top of that, it took me far too long to review another bottling here on the blog. This time, the independent bottler 1731 bottles an eight-year-old rum from the distillery in Barbados. For a drink, I came up with a tropical drink using ginger liqueur and passion fruit. Read more

Greeningless – Henri Bardouin Pastis

Pastis is quite the underappreciated ingredient. Ever since absinthe is wildly available again, Pastis, the herbal liqueur created to replace the mysterious ingredient, has been ekes out a niche existence. Yet, apart from the two famous brands, high quality liqueurs exist with an excellent value for money. Of course, you have to be a fan of anise and fennel to enjoy those herbal treats. Read more

Nachtvogel – Giraud Esprit Nature

There is arguably no better way to celebrate something than to open a bottle of champagne. Especially, when the bottle in question is such a special one as the Giraud Esprit Nature. The champagne is completely vinified in wood and only uses two of the three famous champagne grapes. Yet, this should not mean that you cannot mix yourself a delicious champagne cocktail with it. In this case, I chose a recipe using a smoky Scotch. Read more