Senza Spritz – Mondino Senza

After gin and vermouth, clearly the next trend are non-alcoholic “spirits”. I still have not found a good way of describing this category, because strictly speaking they are not “spirits”. However, until now I have only tried non-alcoholic “gins” which should only enjoyed mixed. The Mondino Senza changes that! I can tell you right away, that it is even tasty on its own. Read more

Crowhurst’s Meme – Benguela Diamonds Gin

As with the B My Gin, I also am revisiting the Benguela Diamonds Gin. This South African inspired gin shows a great balance between juniper and New Western Style notes. On top of that, I was looking for a gin to use in a Beer-Negroni. While this drink might sound a bit weird, it turns out that the Benguela Diamonds Gin was the perfect choice! Read more

Spirited News 04/2021: Spiritus Rex

The eau de vies distilled by Matthias Sievert continue to extend their lead in flavour further and further. This time I was extremely lucky to try to of Matthias recent bottlings, the Hintperi Raspberry eau de vie and the Sudachi eau de vie. While the former is distilled from fermenting the berries, the latter uses an exotic Japanese citrus fruit for macerating. Usually, I don’t mind mixing with high quality and highly priced ingredients. However, with these two eau de vies even I reached a limit. Therefore, I only present them to you  neat. Read more

Goodbye Goodnight – Windspiel Kampot Pepper

Pepper is not exactly a new gin botanical. However, when a gin producer and pepper experts team up, the resulting spirit should be quite interesting. So, when I discovered the new Windspiel Kampot Pepper Gin, I just had to give it a try. Apart from that, this gave me the idea of mixing up a “Good Night And Good Luck” cocktail variation with a great herbal tea. Read more

22, A Million – Marx Zitronenbrand

Citrus eau de vies probably are the most popular eau de vie category right now. While other spirits distilled from fruits also have their appeal, the familiar notes of citrus eau de vies easily wins over gin drinkers. That being said, you rarely encounter a citrus eau de vie distilled from the fermented fruits. However, in this case I am presenting such an organic lemon eau de vie by the Edelbrandmanufaktur Marx to you. Apart from that, I also created a kind of deconstructed Negroni cocktail with it. Read more

Word by Word – B My Gin Dry Gin

I guess this is the first time that I reviewed the same spirit for a third time. However, when the gin in question is produced for a bartender friend of yours, you should make an exception. On top of that, it is always nice to see how a spirit and your taste develop over time. Therefore, I mixed up a Gimlet variation with the B My Gin from Lake Constance. Furthermore, the recipe not only features one, but two of bartender’s favourite liqueurs, St. Germain and Drambuie. Read more

Smoke Filled Lungs – Rock Island Sherry Ed.

I already reviewed quite a few bottles from Douglas Laing’s Regional Malts series. The standard expressions are a great way of tasting the different styles and regions of Scottish malts. However, there is even more to discover! Douglas Laing also releases special versions of the blended Scotch whiskies. Today, I am taking a closer look at the Sherry Edition of the Rock Island bottling. Read more