Quartz – 1783 Barbados Rum

I have to admit that I only discovered the joys of rum from the Foursquare distillery at the beginning of this year. On top of that, it took me far too long to review another bottling here on the blog. This time, the independent bottler 1731 bottles an eight-year-old rum from the distillery in Barbados. For a drink, I came up with a tropical drink using ginger liqueur and passion fruit. Read more

Greeningless – Henri Bardouin Pastis

Pastis is quite the underappreciated ingredient. Ever since absinthe is wildly available again, Pastis, the herbal liqueur created to replace the mysterious ingredient, has been ekes out a niche existence. Yet, apart from the two famous brands, high quality liqueurs exist with an excellent value for money. Of course, you have to be a fan of anise and fennel to enjoy those herbal treats. Read more

Nachtvogel – Giraud Esprit Nature

There is arguably no better way to celebrate something than to open a bottle of champagne. Especially, when the bottle in question is such a special one as the Giraud Esprit Nature. The champagne is completely vinified in wood and only uses two of the three famous champagne grapes. Yet, this should not mean that you cannot mix yourself a delicious champagne cocktail with it. In this case, I chose a recipe using a smoky Scotch. Read more

Aperitivos for Summer 2021

Contrary to some, who consider the Dry Martini as an Aperitif, I consider a good Aperitivo a low-ABV cocktail. When the drink also includes wine or beer, it is tempting to already sip them in the afternoon. However, even if you do not want to promote day drinking these light refreshers are also perfect for hot summer nights. In this case, I picked two easy recipes which use just a small amount of ingredients. Read more

Cards & Quarters – Park Mizunara Cask

It really has been a long time until I got my hands on this special cognac. Mizunara oak cask ageing is en vogue right now. However, only the Maison Tessendier produces Mizunara cask finished cognacs. In this case, they took a cognac from the Borderies region and finished it in Japanese Mizunara casks for half a year. This just sounds perfect for a Vieux Carré cocktail version. Read more

One Bottle One Drink – Bum Bum Bum

When I tried the La Boum a view articles ago, I instantly knew that I had to come up with my own twist. Luckily, I just have had an excellent smoothie made from Franconian melons and mint. Therefore, I just switched out the watermelon juice and replaced the Cachaca with some overproof Jamaican rum. With those little changes, the resulting drink turned out a bit different from the original. Read more