New Waves – Chairman’s Reserve Rum

After the short detour from Tiki month with last weeks Finest Spirits article, we are back to Tiki drinks. This time I built the “New Waves” cocktail around a mango purée my sister brought back from El Salvador. While I had a few ideas on my end, I decided to again use the Foodpairing website. This way I made sure that I ended up with a great and balanced flavour profile.

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Three Rings – B My Gin & Farthofer Old Plum Eau De Vie

This week is again about gin. I already reviewed the B My Gin, but the new edition comes with a slightly higher alcohol content. This is also the reason why I had to give the already great gin another try. On top of that, this article also features a oak aged plum eau de vie from renown distiller Josef Farthofer. Yes, I combined both exceptional spirits in a single cocktail.

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December’s Traditions – Port Charlotte 10 Years

When you think of heavily peated Islay single malt, you often think of the distilleries on Islay’s South coast. However, since a few years another distillery on the island set out to challenge the familiar names in the peated malt business. Bruichladdich, a traditionally none peated single malt, also has a line of heavily peated scotch, they sell under the Port Charlotte label. In this article, I will take a closer look at their new 10 year old bottling.

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Feed Me Diamonds – Benguela Diamonds Gin

It has been a while since I reviewed the last gin here on the blog. This is why, I want to present a rather special gin to you today. The Benguela Diamonds Gin is inspired by South Africa, but distilled in Germany. Actually, it is made by one of my favourite distillers Florian Faude. This means that my expectations for this gin were quite high!  Read more

Which Bourbon Should You Buy? – A Blind-Tasting

Following the tradition of one American whiskey blind-tasting a year. It again was time for bourbon. This time I tried to incorporate as many different styles as possible. This means that we tried high corn, high rye, wheated and also a four grain bourbon. Apart from that, the range spanned from a few month old bourbon, over single barrel expressions to even nine year old bottlings. While every whiskey had some characteristic bourbon note, we still were up for a few surprises in the end.

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