A Cherry Eau De Vie Blind Tasting

To keep up the tradition of a blind tasting a year, I also decided to hold one this year. However, the topic of this year’s tasting are cherry eau de vies. Sure, eau de vies are in general easily overlooked, but after apple and pear eau de vies, cherries only come in third place when thinking of fruit brandies. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at this interesting eau de vie category! Read more

Cherry Tree – Plantation Fiji 2009

As mentioned in the article on the Red Dust cocktail, Plantation Rum has a new philosophy, when it comes to providing information about their rum. This is also the case with this rum from a rather unusual island. It comes from Fiji, an island only known by experts for its excellent rum. Apart from that, the cocktail I created using the rum gets us in the mood for the upcoming cherry eau de vie blind tasting. Read more

Red Dust – Plantation Peru 2004

One of the two new rums in the Plantation portfolio is the Peru 2004 Vintage Edition. The special thing about this rum, besides its not so common source, is the full disclosure of facts. This means that you not only get the name of the distillery, but also the fermentation time, the type of barrels which are used and even how much sugar or dosage is added! As a rum aficionado you can only applaud that decision. On top of that great news, I also have a new drink for you using the Plantation Peru. Read more

Lump Street – Faude Doppelkümmel

Usually, Kümmel is a typical liquor from northern Germany. However, Florian Faude from Bötzingen thought he would have a go at this traditional spirit. The result is a rather complex liquor which can be used in classic cocktails calling for Kümmel or for replacing gin. On this basis, I thought I also would try to create a classic-style cocktail using it. Read more

10 AM, Gare Du Nord – Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac

When it comes to cognac, you should stick to the motto my friends over at Trinklaune proclaim for quite a while now: Drink more cognac! Therefore, I decided to introduce the Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac to you. This is a rather special cognac: First it is aged using a portion of Sauternes barrels and second it is bottled at 46 % ABV. Both things are quite hard to find when you look at modern cognac bottlings! Read more

One Bottle One Drink: Il Boulevardier

On to the next spirits category, Amaros! Right after eau de vies, this category is one of my favourites. Of course, you will most of the times need another base-spirit to accompany those bitter herbal liqueurs. However, their complexity and variety combined with their deep roots in the history of Europa, make them one of the most intriguing products on the spirit market. First of we start with a rather unusual one, because the Amanero Amaro from the Schnitzer Distillery does not come from Italy, but from Germany. Read more

One Bottle One Drink: Cocktail a la Louisiane

The next drink in this series, is also focused on absinthe! Even though it is not the main component, it still plays a vital role in the cocktail. This is why I chose to mix this drink with the next bottle in my spirits cabinet, the Oliver Matter Duplais Verte. This is a great absinthe for regular absinthe service, or a stable choice for mixing drinks! Read more

Violet – Pontica Red Vermouth

Everybody who asks me what the next trend after gin will be, I am telling that it probably will be vermouth. Like gin, you can make it everywhere and in a wide range of variations. Of course, you have to buy the ingredients somewhere, but compared to tequila the production of vermouth is not limited to a specific region. Therefore, I am presenting a special bottle of red vermouth from Austria to you today! The Pontica Red is the brainchild of two great bartenders from Hainburg and Vienna. Read more