Here you can find the tastings, and reviews I did on Augustine-Bar. Moreover, you will also find other events here.

A Rye Blind Tasting

Like the Bourbon Blind Tasting in 2016, I decided to repeat the procedure in 2017 with a Rye Blind Tasting. The tasting was comprised of seven different rye whiskies and they were first sampled on … Read more

Champagne H. Billiot Fils

After my small Champagne tasting last year I was totally won over by the standard cuvée from Henri Billiot. That is why I decided to find out if their other bottlings are any good.

Hine Cognac Tasting

Als Bartender freut man sich natürlich immer, wenn man zu einem Tasting eingeladen wird. Genauso wie bei diesem Tasting mit dem Thema Cognac aus dem Hause Hine. Zu verkosten gab es fünf Cognacqualitäten und anschließend … Read more

C&D: Cognac Tasting

One of the many items on the agenda of the C&D forum meeting was a cognac seminar held by B.N.I.C. educator Julia Nourney. By sampling twelve different cognacs in three flights we had your work … Read more

Rye Whiskey Tasting

With the shortage of the past years finally over more and more Rye Whiskey is becoming available. However, that leaves you with a problem: which one is best?