One Bottle One Drink: Il Boulevardier

On to the next spirits category, Amaros! Right after eau de vies, this category is one of my favourites. Of course, you will most of the times need another base-spirit to accompany those bitter herbal liqueurs. However, their complexity and variety combined with their deep roots in the history of Europa, make them one of the most intriguing products on the spirit market. First of we start with a rather unusual one, because the Amanero Amaro from the Schnitzer Distillery does not come from Italy, but from Germany. Read more

One Bottle One Drink: Cocktail a la Louisiane

The next drink in this series, is also focused on absinthe! Even though it is not the main component, it still plays a vital role in the cocktail. This is why I chose to mix this drink with the next bottle in my spirits cabinet, the Oliver Matter Duplais Verte. This is a great absinthe for regular absinthe service, or a stable choice for mixing drinks! Read more

Violet – Pontica Red Vermouth

Everybody who asks me what the next trend after gin will be, I am telling that it probably will be vermouth. Like gin, you can make it everywhere and in a wide range of variations. Of course, you have to buy the ingredients somewhere, but compared to tequila the production of vermouth is not limited to a specific region. Therefore, I am presenting a special bottle of red vermouth from Austria to you today! The Pontica Red is the brainchild of two great bartenders from Hainburg and Vienna. Read more

Rebel – Pierre Ferrand Renegade Barrel No. 2

Today’s article is about quite the special spirit! Basically, it is a cognac, but at the same time it is not a cognac! What seems like Schrödinger’s paradox, actually is quite simply the result of the though Cognac AOC regulations. The Pierre Ferrand Renegade Barrel No. 2 is distilled from wine growing in the Cognac region. However, not only French oak casks are used, but also barrels made from chestnut wood. Therefore, the Renegade Barrel only is an eau de vie de vin! Read more

One bottle one drink: Arsenic & Old Lace

If you are a cocktail blogger and spirits enthusiast, chances are high that over time a large number of bottles gather on your shelves. This is why I decided to start mixing classic and modern cocktails using one bottle after the other in my spirits cabinet. I am going to start at the top left corner and (hopefully) finish in the lower right. First off, I will start with a rather unusual Absinthe cocktail. Read more

Boulevardier Sbagliato – Baker’s Bourbon Aged 7 Years

Keeping the topic of Negroni style drinks for another week, we are looking at a slightly altered Boulevardier recipe. Ok, basically I changed every ingredient except the bourbon. However, since the Negroni Sbagliato is a legit cousin of the Negroni, I thought I could extrapolate its principle onto the Boulevardier. Of course, I am not the first one who came up with this idea, but I think my variation has more in common with the original idea of carbonating the original cocktail. Read more

White Williams Negroni – Luxardo Bitter Bianco

This is another drink that is part of my on-going obsession with the Negroni cocktail. Especially, the White Negroni has won me over completely. So, when I had the chance to try another white bitter liqueur, the Luxardo Bitter Bianco, I just had to make a riff on this modern classic! So, let us see how this new Amaro fairs in cocktails! Read more

After The Flowers – Citadelle Extrême N°2 Wild Blossom Gin

After the long history of Citadelle Gin here at Augustine-Bar, I want to present to you their newest bottling! The second version of the Citadelle Extrême series from French producer Pierre Ferrand again comes in a beautiful design. However, what really matters are the inner values! So let us see if the Wild Blossom Gin can keep up with the expectations set by the No Mistake Old Tom Gin! Read more

Plantation Coffee – Plantation Guatemala & Bélize

Finally, towards the end of this year’s Tiki month there is some rum! However, instead of creating a completely new recipe, I decided to recycle one of my oldest creations, the Plantation Coffee. In the original article I suggested a mix of white Cuban rum and Jamaican rum. Yet, going back to the real roots of this cocktail I changed the rums to a blended white rum and one from Guatemala. Read more