Stargazer – Starward Two Fold

Nowadays whisky is produced everywhere around the world. Similar to wine, the new world is currently making a name for themselves in this spirits category. This is why I am presenting the Starward Two Fold to you. The blended whisky from Melbourne has a clear focus on red wine casks. I can tell you this much, it makes great highballs!

The Starward Whisky from Melbourne uses grains which come from farms nearer than a day away from the distillery. The Two Fold uses a mix of malted barley which is fermented with brewer’s yeast and a wheat spirit. Both are aged separately in barrels. The barrels used come from vineyard only a day’s drive away and were filled with cabernet, pinot noir and shiraz. After delivery the casks are either lightly charred or blasted with steam. The new make is filled into the barrels at slightly lower proof as usually to bring out more fruits and tannins of the red wines. The whisky is then aged in Melbourne’s “four-seasons-in-a-day” climate. After three years both whiskies are blended and bottled at an ABV of 40 %.

Sipping whisky

The Two Fold is exactly what Starward intend it to be. It is exceptionally smooth for a whisky. You can find clear red wine notes in the taste of the Starward whisky in the form of red berries. Apart from that there are some walnut and floral notes, especially roses and lilac. All in all, the whisky is an easy sipper which seems perfect to introduce people to whisky.

Lemons and green grapes

A few weeks ago, I already featured a whisky highball using an Australian mixer. This is why I thought the combination of Australian whisky and Australian lemonade might be a good idea. To “spice” things up, I incorporated some Verjus to the mix. To balance out the acidity of the green grape juice, I also added some simple syrup. Instead of the blood orange lemonade from the last cocktail, I used the Bundaberg Lemon Brew this time. 

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4,5 cl Starward Two Fold Whisky
2,25 cl Loimer Verjus
0,75 cl Simple Syrup
Top off with Bundaberg Lemon Brew
Stir – strain – Highball glass filled with ice – top off;
Garnish: Lemon twist (no drop);
Song: ISLAND – Stargazer;


You probably would not expect it from a whisky cocktail, but the “Stargazer” highball is rather refreshing. Obviously, it is not a drink you would sip when it is 35 °C outside, but the Verjus and the lemonade cool you down quite effectively. I do not know if it is due to the red wine barrels, but the whisky and the Verjus work together exceptionally well. Although, I might not be up for trying the Two Fold with tonic water, but I can imagine that this also works!

*The fact that I received a product reviewed in this article for free, did not – in any way – influence the rating of said product. The Starward Two Fold was provided by Kirsch Whisky.

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