The Conqueror – Great King Street Whiskies & Weingut Schmidt Trester Reserve


Excuse the long headline, but this is a rather big article! Not only do I want to present three different spirits to you, but also while all of them were really excellent, one of them just blew me away! On top of that, I am also very pleased with the cocktail which actually contains all three spirits. So, if you are a whisky lover and also not averse to grape marc spirits this is exactly the right article for you. That being said, if this is not the case, you should read on regardless! Read more

What Next Dear One – Birgitta Rust Orange Liqueur


Nowadays there are a lot of orange liqueurs out there and some of them are very well known. However, there are also a lot of small producers who are making great orange flavoured spirits. Today I want to present to you the orange liqueur made by Brigitta Rust an eau de vie producer from Bremen. I was especially curious about this one, because as you know I am crazy about everything concerning eau de vies! Read more

Against The Grain – VollKorn


This time the name of the drink reflects the approach the VollKorn takes to the current spirit business. In a world where there are plenty of gins around the VollKorn takes a whole new approach! Or should I say a classic approach reinterpreted, because the vineyard Schmidt is producing a classic corn schnapps, but without the stigma of cheap packaging. Read more

Lime Habit – N. Kröger Platinum Rum


Today I want to present a rather extraordinary rum to you, the N. Kröger Platinum. If you are very strict about what unaged rum is, it is not a real rum! Or, maybe in a time where it seems to be ok to add flavours and sweeteners to rum, it at least is a honest one. However, it would be unfair to compare Nicolas’s rum with those secretive bottlings. Instead, let us call his approach a new one! If you now are wondering what the heck I am talking about, read on to find out what makes the Platinum Rum special! Read more

Ash Tree Lane – G. Rozelieures Fumé Collection Single Malt


Nowadays it is possible to get single malt not only from Scotland, but also from all over the world! However, even here on the continental mainland of Europe there are a some countries producing high quality whisky and single malt for that matter. In this case, I am talking about the G. Rozelieures Fumé Collection Single Malt from France. Yes, I know when it comes to spirits and France you are hardly thinking of whisky and instead of cognac, calvados, rhum, eau de vie or marc de champagne. Read more

Spirited News 07/2016: – Plantation Trinidad 2000


I actually was forbidden from mixing drinks with the bottle of rum I want to present to you today. The guys at Ferrand told me that I should enjoy the Plantation Single Cask Trinidad 2000 Amburana Cask Finish neat and not in a cocktail. For once I thought I would listen and of course I want to share my impressions from this rum with you! From the rather cryptic name of this rum alone you can tell that this is a rather special bottle! Read more

Codes And Keys – Berry Bros. & Rudd No. 3 Gin


I know, the No. 3 Gin is not that new. Indeed, it has been around for quite a while and it is more or less a classic London Dry gin. However, it is still worth taking a closer look! Partly this is because for me the No. 3 belongs to a London Dry subcategory I call “Martini Gins”. Yes, I might have some explaining to do, so go ahead and find out what this category is all about. Read more

Paper Cuts – Siegfried Distiller’s Cut


Maybe you have been wondering lately what is wrong with me? So many weeks gone by and no review of a new gin ! Well, do not despair, it is time to sample a new German gin! In this case it is also a rather special one. Not only does it come with a slightly higher ABV, but also the label “Distiller’s Cut” leads to high expectations. So, let’s see if the Siegfried Distiller’s Cut can also deliver! Read more

Zingaro – Don Fulano Fuerte


After all this bourbon whiskey, it is time to focus on some interesting agave spirit again! In the case of the Don Fulano Fuerte, we are not only talking about a high quality tequila, but it is also bottled at overproof. And I do not have to tell you that a higher ABV is always better!Unfortunately you do not see a lot of higher proof tequilas around. So, I was more than intrigued to try it! Read more

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