Mind Vs. Matter – Ramazotti Arancia

Mind Vs. Matter

Similar to the gin trend here in Europe, the United States encountered an Amaro-trend the last few years. Not only is it en vogue for a bar to carry a whole shelf dedicated to this bitter liqueur, but there are also whole bars solely dedicated to Amaros! Now, I cannot tell if Ramazzotti here in Germany wants to pick up on this success, but nevertheless they are launching a limited edition each year. Luckily, I was able to try the new bottling which has Italian oranges as its predominant flavour. Read more

Mr. Pink – Hoos Pink Grapefruit Gin

Mr. Pink

If you are looking for a modern German gin that does not make a fuss about itself, you are definitely well advised to try Heiko Hoo’s London Gin. Apart from that, Heiko does not rest and always sets out to create new variations of his gin. Which means that this new Grapefruit Gin is already the third of his products I am presenting to you. Besides his regular gin and his two Reserve Gin bottlings the Grapefruit Gin is actually Heiko’s take on a sloe gin and therefore correctly classified as a liqueur. Read more

Three And A Half Drinks Made With Soda Pops From The Drinking Ape

The Drinking Ape

Liquorice, it is one of those flavours which parts nations! Either you love it or you hate it and there is not much left in between. I am counting myself to the first group of people and therefor I was very curious to try the liquorice lemonades made by The Drinking Ape. So, if you are a liquorice lover like me do carry on reading. Yet, if you do not like it at all, The Drinking Ape has something in stall for you, too! Read more

Spirited News 16/01: Sloe Gin, Pure Gin, No Gin And Whisky

Anyone's Ghost

Sometimes I get a little bit swamped by spirits to sample and try. So I thought, why not introduce a new category on the blog? In this category I am going to shortly introduce each spirit and present my individual tasting notes. This time the main focus lies on gin and a few other things. Read on to find out! Read more

Interview With Christian Wurm from Sucos Do Brasil

Germana Cachaca

While the Caipirinha may be on of the most ordered cocktails in Germany, good Cachaça still is hard to find.  Most people may just not even know that the spirit in their favourite drink is called Cachaça! However, there are people out there like Christian Wurm and his company Sucos Do Brasil who set out to change that fact and import premium Cachaça. I had the chance to ask Mr. Wurm some questions about Cachaça and the company Germana in special. Read more

Harold Bloom – Hoos Reserve Gin

Harold Bloom

I already introduced the regular Hoos Gin to you some time ago. Now Heiko Hoos is back again with two bottlings of his Reserve Gin. Why am I sampling two different batches here, you might ask? Well, for the first one, oak chips were used to give the gin a bit of a barrel aged character and for the second Heiko used an oak barrel. Read on to here why Heiko decided to change his production method and what everything has to do with a literary critic born in 1930! Read more

Longevity Is Key – Not Just Another Amaro Cocktail

Longeviy Is Key

While being mostly great on their own amaros and vermouths also make great cocktails. Also the beautiful thing about cocktails made with fortified wine is their relatively low ABV while at the same time delivering a lot of flavours. Since, I kind of neglected this style of cocktail so far I decided to focus on it with this combination of bitter vermouth and a vermouth reduction. Read more

Keep Growing – Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Keep Growing

When doing research for an article about the Negroni I stumbled on the Harajuku cocktail. The special thing about this Negroni variation was its use of Hibiki Blended Japanese Whisky. Since, the big aricle on everyones favourite bitter drink will take some more time and planning, I set out to see if I could create a new Japanese style cocktail. Read more

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