The BTSTU With Ferdinand’s Quince Gin


On the Saarland trip with the Trinklaune team, I was given a small bottle of Ferdinand’s Quince Gin. Actually there is some controversy as what to call it here, because the Quince Gin is nor a typical gin, because quince juice and riesling are added. Neither can you call it a liqueur, because there is no additional sugar added. However, it does not matter how you call it, as you will see later on, it is simply an interesting and delicious product! Read more

You can call me beercules – Riegele Noctus 100

Riegele Noctus 100

Every once and a while I get fed up with cocktails and I am craving beer. However, as a bartender cocktail nerd I find it hard to enjoy normal beer. What am I saying here: of course I enjoy normal beer, but right now I prefer “craft” beers. So it is no wonder that I followed a recommendation and tried out the Riegele Noctus 100. Which some might even call the most richly flavoured beer on the market… Read more

‘I Won’t Lie’– It is time to say goodbye to gin!

I Won't Lie
The whole gin thing was fun for a while, but I feel like the time has come to say goodbye! Of course I am somewhat exaggerating, I will still be enjoying the occasional gin and because I am a bartender I have to be informed about new gins coming to the market, too. Nevertheless, my new passion are eau de vies! They are in some ways similar to gin and at the same time completely different. Don’t worry I will explain it with a cocktail! Read more

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