Outta My Mind – Revolte Rum

Outta My Mind

Similar to last week’s article on the Tesla Sljivo this one is about another new German spirit start-up. The Revolte Rum is distilled in Worms and wants to break with some of the conventions we associate with rum. Apart from being a completely different kind of spirit, the Revolte Rum has another thing in common with last week’s product: A lot of thinking went into the design of the bottle. That is why also its looks set it apart from regular rum! Read more

Lightning In A Bottle – Tesla Sljivo

Lightning In A Bottle

Today I am going to present an interesting and new approach to eau de vies to you: The Tesla Slijvo combines a traditional plum eau de vie with optics that would also suit a new gin bottling. This way it should be able to reach a broader clientele than your typical eau de vie connoisseur. So, let’s put the Tesla to the test and see if it is really more than your average eau de vie! Read more

Blush – A Sorrel Julep


Sometimes inspiration strikes you at unusual places. This was also the case with this cocktail: When I was passing the herb bed the other day I noticed some sorrel growing and instantly thought: “Why not use it in a cocktail?”. Consequently, it did not take me long to invented a drink using it and with the Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin I had just another culinary inspired product on hand that seemed just right for the task! Read more

How To Not Win A Cocktail Competition

Glass Is Empty 2

As I told you many times before, I am not a big fan of cocktail competitions. Of course, I know that it is a great way for bartenders to build a reputation and to get famous. That is why I also applaud those who win them, but I always figured myself as the crazy, experimenting kind of guy behind the bar and not on a stage. However, when my boss told me to take part in a competition I figured: “Why not? What’s the worst thing that could happen?” – It turned out that the worst was actually winning the damn thing!

Read more

Sin-Eaters – Sünner Sinner Strength Gin


The modern gin craze – I only have one problem with it and it is not the sheer amount of new gin introduced to the market, nor the price cover-up represented by half litre bottles, but  rather the trend towards a lower alcohol content. Ok, maybe I have more than one problem with modern gin, but that is not my point here. One thing I will always hold in high regard is a high percentage of alcohol by volume! This is exactly what I applaud the guys at the Sünner brewery and distillery for: Their new gin bottling weighs in at Navy Strength! Read more

Cornerstone – Lantenhammer Mirabelle Cuvée


I do not want to downgrade my other cocktail creations, but I think this new one might be quite interesting! Although I think I rather should let you decide on that matter. Nevertheless, I created this homage to my boss’s Goldener Wurf for my sister, when she came around and demanded a drink. Of course I hope to have come up with a drink, she enjoys at least as much as the Goldene Wurf! Read more

Armistice – Roner Z44 Gin


It seems like no matter what I do, I can’t shake the gin… Yet, gin producers continue to give their best to surprise me with new variations that attract my attention. In this case, I almost disregarded the spirit in question as “just another gin”. However, my dear colleagues from Trinklaune made sure to awake my interest again! Read more

Cucumber On Your Eyes – Makar Glasgow Gin

Cucumber On Your Eyes

To be honest I was a bit sceptical about this new gin from the Glasgow Distillery Company. Was there really the need for another Scottish gin? However, when I received an e-mail which informed about the Makar Gin winning two “Masters” medals at the Global Gin Masters 2015 my curiosity was aroused. One helping factor was that I already had the idea for a cocktail and was in need of a suitable gin! Read more

Brief & Bright – Citadelle Gin

Brief & Bright

Today I have an almost iconic Gin for you: the Citadelle Dry Gin from Ferrand. Now the problem with a classic is, that there is no news to report. Nevertheless, because of its strong flavour profile, I thought I have a go at creating a drink for it. If you know me at all, you probably can imagine that the result is more than just a mere Gin & Tonic variation. Read more

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