Spirit Smack Down: A Bourbon Blind-Tasting


It has been a while since I put some bourbons to the test. So, I thought it was time to review some new bottles. This is why, I arranged a blind-tasting with some friends. In total we tried eight different bourbons, five with an ABV between 45.7 % and 50 % and three cask strength versions. Let me just say this: There were some surprises waiting for us! Read more

Unbottled: Janisson-Baradon M. Massaux Champagne


As a cocktail and spirits enthusiast chances are high that your passion also makes its way over to other culinary fields. For instance, since I began mixing drinks, I am far more interested in things I am cooking and what is in them. The same thing applies for wine or for champagne in this case! However, I also admit that sometimes champagne is a little bit pricey. This is why I am always looking for a bottle with a great value for money like the M. Massaux! Read more

Revolte Rum Master Class with Distilling Seminar


I already introduced the Revolte Rum to you last year. In the meantime master distiller Felix Kaltenthaler was busy creating some more batches of his great unaged rum. However, Felix did not stop at making his own individual rum, but he also wants to share the knowledge he gained on his journey towards his finished spirit. Of course, when he invited me Munich to join his Master Class paired with a seminar on distilling I did not hesitate and quickly booked a train ticket! Read more

You Can Call Me Beercules! – Onkel Albert Saison Rye Beer


We Germans like to be proud of traditions and if there is one tradition on top of all of them it is the “Reinheitsgebot”! A lot of people mistake it for a law and think that beer is only allowed to contain barley, hops and water. Yet, another thing we Germans sometimes are is ignorant. This is why today I want to talk about a beer that is brewed according to the “Freiheitsgebot”. What this strange thing is and how the beer tastes like we will find out further on! Read more

Sweet & Bitter Taste – Boar Gin

Sweet & Bitter Taste

A lot of unusual things are used to make gin nowadays! Even such rare delicacies as truffles. Now, you might think that this is something new when in fact there are several truffle gins from all over the world out there. Nevertheless, the Boar Gin is the first one from Germany and the first which will not cost you a fortune! As a big truffle fan, I was very intrigued and just had to try it! Read more

You Can Call Me Beercules! – Riedenburger Dolden Sommer Sud

Riedenburger Dolden Sommer Sud

As a cocktail and spirits blogger you sometimes have to look beyond the horizon. Therefore, I want to revive an old category I already did introduce here on the blog: You Can Call Me Beercules (YCCMB)! However, each article from now on will just feature a single beer. So, here we go, the first one is a Session IPA from Bavaria made by Riedenburger. Read more

High On The Tide – Cotswolds Dry Gin

High On The Tide

Aaand we are back to gin! However, this time I am pretty excited to present this bottle to you, not that I would not be when writing about other spirits. It was just quite some time go when I first discovered the Cotswolds Dry Gin in a British online shop. Now finally I can see for my self if this great looking bottle of London Dry is worth its money! Read more

Spirited News 04/2016: Edradour and Clarin


I know, the spirits I am presenting to you this time are not really new. Still, they are worth taking a closer look! Also I want to show you that there are other great spirits to discover besides gin. In this case, we are going to talk about Clairin, a type of rhum agricole from Haiti, and single malt. Sure, single malt is not especially exiting anymore either, but believe me, if your are into whisky you should really check out those two from the Edradour distillery! Read more

Ivy & Gold – Mezan Jamaican X.O. Rum

Ivy & Gold

Years ago I first encountered Mezan rum on Simon Difford’s Difford’s Guide homepage where he the Panama Don Jose 1995 rum a 5+ rating. For Mr. Difford’s standards this is a very rare rating and I just had to get my hands on a bottle of it. Well, I wanted the rum so badly that I had to import it from Great Britain. Now, since a few years Mezan rum is also available here in Germany and I was able to taste another expression from this independent bottler the Jamaican X.O. Read more

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