Lantenhammer’s Winter Festival And Distillery Visit

Lantenhammer Winter Festival

There a certain things every cocktail lover or bartender should do at least once in his life. – No, I am not talking about a shot of Chartreuse or something like that, but of the the production of spirits. And of course this is one thing you as a spirits connoisseur can not know enough about! I have to admit that until recently I myself had not visited a distillery. However, with this visit to the Lantenhammer distillery, I more than made up for it! Read more

Cult Logic – Studer Williams Superieur Eau De Vie

Cult Logic

A few months ago I promised you that I would concentrate more on eau de vies and their application in cocktails. Well, many articles later I’ve got distracted a bit, but still every once in a while I manage to get my hands on some new fruit spirits I just have to present to you! This time it is again all about a pear eau de vie, which might be one of the most prominent fruit brandies out there. Read more

Fire Dies Down – Viti Icelandic Aquavite

Fire Dies Down

Iceland probably is famous for many great things (e.g. volcanoes), but one thing I never figured is that they would become famous for spirits. Nevertheless, this is already the second product I am reviewing from this small island in the North. The VOR Gin and the Viti Aquavite are both distilled at the Eimverk Distillery and strictly according to the principle of “from grain to glass”. Read more

Which Champagne Character Are You? – “Weininseln” in Munich

Weininseln 2

The advantage of moving to a bigger city is that there are more opportunities on what to do! This applies for almost any hobby, but in my case it should come as no surprise, that I am talking about something to drink. This time it is all about wine, since I had the chance to visit the “Wineinseln” in Munich! Also I had the opportunity to find out which champagne character I am. Read more

Johnny Cash’s Thunderball – Plantation Black Cask 1651


Probably everyone who enjoys the occasional rum will know the Plantation rum range. However, every now and then they manage to sneak in a new bottle of rum under my radar. This was exactly the case with the new and limited Plantation Black Cask 1951. Just like Johnny Cash’s version of the theme song from the 1965 James Bond movie, it was pure coincidence that I stumbled upon it. Read more

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