You can call me Beercules! – Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery East IPA

While researching beer cocktails it is needless to say that I had to try a fair amount of beers from all over the world. To be honest this was not the worst task to cope with. Additionally this gave me the idea to provide you with short profiles of some small breweries. Obviously I will share my tasting notes of their beers, too. So, this first article is all about the renowned Brooklyn Brewery. Read more

Happy Halloween: The Great Pumpkin Cocktail

Ratsherrn Pumpkin Ale

Ever since I first got my hands on the PDT cocktail book I wanted to try Jim Meehan’s cocktail the Great Pumpkin. However, until this year it was virtually impossible to get pumpkin ale here in Germany. This year though, while researching beer cocktails I discovered one from Ratsherrn brewery in Hamburg and of course I mixed the drink with it. Read more

You Can Call Me Beercules! – Classic Beer Drinks

Amer Bière w Bud

No, unlike Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, I don’t suggest that you get drunk and ruin a news report by posing naked in front of the camera. However, since it seems that beer is no longer considered a necessary evil in cocktail bars I thought I should have a closer look at its application in cocktails. This part of the series is about classic beer drinks. Read more

Spirit Smack Down: Blended Scotch Whisky

blended scotch

The series of (hopefully) useful consumer advice continues. This time it’s all about blended scotch whisky. Maybe this section of whisky is often overlooked, due to it’s famous brothers bourbon and single malt, but in the last years some new interesting products were introduced. Follow me as I take a closer look at three promising contenders! Read more

BCB 2014 – Die wichtigsten Entdeckungen!

BCB Bericht

Der 8. Barconvent Berlin lud am 07. und 08.10 engagierte Bartender, Gastronomen, Produzenten und Kenner der feinen Getränke ein. Es galt die neusten Trends und Produkte vieler namenhafter Brennereien, sowie handwerklicher Kleinbetriebe und Soft-Drinkhersteller genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Nun liegen zwei intensive Tage hinter mir und eine kleine seelische Katerstimmung lässt mich darin schwelgen. Was gab es also zu schmecken und erleben? Read more

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