Slomo – Windspiel Kraut & Knolle

Continuing the short excursion into Amaros with a representative, not from Italy, but from Germany. Windspiel, the gin producer from the Eifel region, broadened its product portfolio with a herbal spirit. This potato vodka based liqueur is set out to show that high quality bittersweet liqueurs do not necessarily have to come from South European countries!

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Improved Bahama Mama – Botucal Planas Rum

Since a few years there is a trend towards aged “white” rums, which means that they are filtered after barrel ageing. While, I do not applaud the idea of removing or adding anything from or to the spirit after barrel aging, I have to admit that those “white” rums are quite good. In this case, the first thing that caught my eye with the Botucal Planas Rum was its higher proof. – The combination of a complex clear rum and a higher ABV sounds more than promising! Read more

Papillon – Fassbind L’Heritage Des Bois Williams

It has been a while since my last an eau de vie review, so let us take a look at a new Bartlett pear eau de vie. I will promise you it is quite a worth it, because the eau de vie in question is one of the rare cask-strength ones. On top of it, the eau de vie is not only barrel aged, but also produced from the renown Swiss distillery Fassbind! Read more

Post Tropical – Plantation Haiti X.O. Single Cask Rum

After a personal recommendation, I had to get my hands on a special bottle of Ferrand’s Plantation series: Besides their non-age-statement and vintage lines, Plantation also bottles rum from individual casks. The rum in question comes from Haiti, a country where I so far had only sample Clairin from. This means I had no previous experiences with the flavours of Haitian rum and could sample the rum impartially. Of course, there is also a special cocktail recipe waiting for you in this article! Read more