It’s Tiki Month – The Chains Of Love

Chains Of Love

Tiki month is here, so it is the same procedure as every February! This means that I of course, have special drinks in stall for you. Now you might expect a conglomerate of various rum and exotic ingredients. However, who says that Tiki drinks have to contain rum at all? So, this year I decided to present Tiki cocktails to you that do not contain rum at all. Let’s start with the Chains Of Love, a colourful combination of mango and smoke! Read more

I Never Get Old – Citadelle Réserve Gin

I Never Get Old

Well, I promised you some new articles on everyone’s favourite spirit and here you have it! After my complaint some weeks ago that I did not manage to write about gin, the guys from Pierre Ferrand just had to help me out and sent me their Citadelle Réserve Gin. The special thing about it is that it spent some time in a cask. But, what to do with a barrel-aged gin? Read more

Perfect Darkness – Beefeater Crown Jewel

Perfect Darkness

Man, I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to try this iconic gin! I had almost given up, but then when I thought the gin-hype was almost over, Beefeater raised the game by re-introducing their Crown Jewel! So, after I got my hands on a bottle I instantly started putting the gin to the test! And yes this article needs this many exclamation marks! Read more

Oblique City – Vanilla Infused Clement Blanc Rhum

Oblique City

In my last newsletter I promised you new articles on gin, but I am afraid you will have to wait a little while longer. However, I will  try to make up for it with even two homemade ingredients in this article! While one of them is fairly simple the other one takes a little bit more work. Yet, let’s start with the rum first! Read more

An End Has A Start – Amanero Amaro

An End Has A Start

I guess it is nothing new that a lot of so called trends are born in the United States and slowly make their way to Germany. After Gin, in my mind the next big thing are low alcoholic spirits like Amaros and vermouths. One case in point is the relatively new Amanero Amaro. After the Mondino this is the second product from the small Schnitzer distillery here in Bavarian I want to introduce to you! Read more

A Bitter Christmas – How To Make Bitters II

Christmas Bitters

Some time ago I published my first article on making bitters. Which basically gives you everything you need to create your own style of bitters. However, there are also defunct bitters out there and some people would like to know what they taste like. Of course, all attempts at recreating them will never resemble the original to 100 %, but still you will come closer to a recipe calling for them as with bitters you can buy. Read more

Devil’s Work – Peat’s Beast PX Sherry Finish

Devil's Work

Even though I am already in Christmas mode, I cannot help myself but to create none christmas themed cocktails! Well, maybe you could take the peated whisky in this recipe as a metaphor for an open fire or the combination of cherry jam and chocolate spices for fruitbread. To be honest, when creating this cocktail, I did not really think of a Christmas connection. Nevertheless, we have quite a lot to talk about this time! Read more

Awake The Unkind – Heiland Doppelbock Liqueur

Awake The Unkind

Normally beer is not the first flavour that springs to mind when thinking about liqueurs! And even though there are some beer liqueurs out there, few of them made their way to the back boards of high-quality cocktail bars so far. Still,  there is a small Bavarian start-up who set out to change that. Luckily, I not only had the chance to try the Heiland Doppelbock Liqueur, but also an interesting cocktail idea! Read more

Song And Serenade – Birds Weissbrand

Song And Serenade

Finally, it seems to have caught on with spirit start-ups that the next new gin might not be the best way to start your venture. Besides the already featured German rum, Birds Weissbrand is another very interesting new spirit. Basically the Birds is a gin, made out of grapes, without juniper – but better! Read more

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