PDLIF – Quarantini Social Dry Gin

During those difficult times, there are certain project which try to help the hospitality scene. In the case of Quarantini Social Dry Gin, Boris Markić the founder of Tesla Slivo and the distiller of Revolte Rum, Felix Kalthenthaler created a new gin which also supports local businesses as well as bars. Of course, I also took the chance to support two bars which I hold dear in Bamberg “Das Schwarze Schaf” and the “Kawenzmann Bar”.


The Quarantini Social Dry Gin wants to be your light summery gin. So, you should not expect a juniper-bomb, which I usually do from gin. Nevertheless, the list of botanicals sounds very promising: angelica roots, bergamot, bitter oranges, coriander seeds, juniper, orris root and papaya. After distillation at the Kalthenthaler distillery, the gin is bottled at 42 % ABV. However, the most important thing about each bottle of gin are the 5 €, which go to your bar or business of choice!

A real Tiki gin

The first thing you have to do when trying the Quarantini Gin is to abandon the idea that it is a juniper-rich gin. The papaya almost hits you in the nose with a club. Afterwards, you can find a few more traditional gin flavours with ginger and an accent of juniper. The most part of the sip you will taste exotic notes with a slight hint of citrus. There also are certain sweets notes and even a whiff of vanilla. In short, the Quaranini Gin is everything I usually do not want my gin to taste like, but I love it! This is what makes this gin special and stand out from the rest. On top of that, this gives me the excuse to make a summery Martini variation without going crazy with the list of ingredients.

Canned fruit salad Martini

Of course, the headline is an exaggeration, but I really wanted to create a fruity Martini / Quarantini variation. Therefore, I combined the Quarantini Gin with Mancino Bianco Ambrato Vermouth, which has become my favourite white vermouth. To accent certain notes a little more I added a few drops of Gölles Marillen (apricot) vinegar. For the bitters I added a few dashes of Ferdinand’s Red Vineyard Peach Bitters. I even neglected my usual Martini service routine and just strained the drink in a chilled Nick & Nora glass. The name of the drink PDLIF (Please don’t live in fear) comes from the eponymous Bon Iver song, which he and other artists recording during quarantine. The proceeds from streaming the song are going to healthcare workers.

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5 cl Quarantini Social Dry Gin
1 cl Mancino Bianco Vermouth
2 Dashes Ferdinand’s Gin Peach Bitters
3 Drops Gölles Marillen Vinegar
Stir – strain – chilled small cocktail glass;
Garnish: Dried Papaya slice (I cheated and used a dried mango);
Song: Bon Iver – PDLIF (Please don’t live in Fear);


Even in the finished cocktail the predominant note is papaya. Yet, this works perfectly well with the Mancino Bianco. The vermouth keeps the drink from being too fruity. You actually do not really taste the vinegar, but it adds to the complexity of the drink and further balances out the sweet notes of the drink. Finally, the bitters also add just the slightest hint of bitterness. I really enjoyed the cocktail. Of course, the “PDLIF” is as far away from a Dry Martini as you get when “sticking” to the original formula.

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