Truth Or Dare? – Try This Daring Gin Drink!


Even to me some of my cocktail ideas sound strange: This drink for instance uses garden radish and balsamic vinegar to create an unusual, but also surprisingly delicious taste sensation.

This is what happens when someone tells me that we have too much radish in the garden. Instantly I came up with a drink idea to combine them with gin and balsamic vinegar. This is too crazy for you? – Don’t disregard the idea just yet. You see, the herbal notes of gin go along extremely well with the slightly hot taste of radish. Moreover, if you use a high quality aged balsamic vinegar and add just a little sweetness you will end up with an one of a kind flavor experience.

I don’t have to tell you, that vinegar is a good way to replace lemon or lime in cocktails. There is a reason why this has become a trend in the United States after all. However, as always it takes the things that are in vogue stateside a few years to become a trend in Germany. That is if the trend reaches Germany at all. That’s why I am sort of advocating on the use of vinegar in cocktails here.

View in: cl oz
4,5 cl Tanqueray Gin
2 cl Balsamic Vinegar
1 cl Simple Syrup

1 Drop Lemon Olive Oil
2 – 3 Small Garden Radishes cut into pieces
Shake over ice – double strain – chilled cocktail glass;
Garnish: Radish wheel;
Song: Gorillaz – Dare

Now you could think that this is a savory cocktail like a Bloody Mary, well it isn’t. It is somewhere in the middle between savory and sweet. My friends suggested that I serve a few leafs of salad with the drink the next time. This way you could decide if you want to use part of the drink as dressing.

As already mentioned you can’t really compare the cocktail to anything else. There is a slight acidity to it, but it is kept in balance by the sugar and the herbal notes of gin. The radish flavor is what dominates the taste of the drink. However it adds no burn or harshness to the cocktail.

In a nutshell this is something for the bartenders and cocktail geeks out there, who think that they have had it all. It will definitely be worth the try, even though I have to admit, that you probably won’t drink more than one on an evening. So tell me what is your favorite daring drink?

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