The Simplest Thing: Simple Syrup

Demerara Simple Syrup
As I use a lot of different types of sugar in my drinks I will tell you how to make a syrup that will quickly dissolve in your cocktail. You can use any type of sugar you like.

Simple syrup is the easiest thing to do and I would recommend making it at home for three reasons: First you can select the type of sugar yourself, for example you can make a Demerara simple syrup out of Demerara sugar or even a molasses syrup out of, guess what? – right molasses. Second is that it is cheaper than buying sugar syrup and the third reason is: you can choose how much your syrup, and moreover your drink, will be diluted with water.
Demerara Sugar
But enough with the talking let’s get it on:

Simple Syrup:
(or Demerara, Muscavado, Molasses, Palm Sugar etc.)
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500 g Sugar
250 ml Water
3 cl Vodka

Add to a pan and heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Let simmer for two minutes. Fill into a clean bottle, add the vodka and let cool to room temperature.

Demerara Sugar Pan
The recipe above will yield approximately 400 ml of syrup. Depending on long you heat the mix your resulting quantity will vary. To make it easier for you I added the chart below.
It can help you calculate the amount of water and sugar you will need to get a desired quantity of syrup. Just select the amount of syrup you want on the x-axis and follow the 90 degree line to the red curve. Then you can find the required quantity of sugar on the left axis and the quantity of water on the right.
Simple Syrup Chart

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