Spirited News 03/2019: Whic.de Single Malts

I am sorry for the break here on the blog, but moving took up all of my time. However, now I am back with two independently bottled single malts. Both are bottled at cask strength and older than 10 years old. Whic.de got their hands on a barrel of eleven-year-old Glen Moray and a 17-year-old Ben Nevis.

Both whiskies are only available at Whic.de and in limited quantities. This means once they are gone, the uncoloured, non-chill-filtered single malts are gone forever. Yet as usual they are well worth their money.

Well integrated alcohol

When I am sampling independently bottled whisky, I first disregard as much information as possible. So, I also did not know the ABV of the Glen Moray. It really hides the 61,9 % very well. On  top of that, the single malt impressively shows how complex Bourbon whisky can be. Unfortunately, I am already too late and the regular sized bottle is sold out. Nevertheless, you can still grab a sample bottle.

Pink grapefruits

The second bottling, the 17-year-old Ben Nevis, is the first whisky I have encountered that has an impressive pink grapefruit flavour. Apart from that you can find walnuts, more citrus fruits and some tannins. All in all, the Ben Nevis is a well-aged Bourbon cask single malt.

*The fact that I received a product reviewed in this article for free, did not – in any way – influence the rating of said product.

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