Tiki Month 2020 – Everlasting Muse

Of course, 2020 also has a Tiki Month and we want to start it off with a rather typical Tiki drink. Although, I have created a fair share of non-rum based Tiki drinks, it is also fun to get inspired by classic Tiki cocktails. This time it is all about a Missionary’s Downfall cocktail variation. Actually, I did not change that much of the ingredients.


The original Missionary’s Downfall cocktail is a combination of white rum, peach liqueur, pineapple, lime honey and mint. The original was created by Don The Beachcomber in California between 1937 and the 1940s. While the original drink demands a blender, the variation here makes due with just a shaker.

Eau de vie and a shaker 

Basically, I just switched out the peach brandy for some cask-strength peach eau de vie by Gölles and added everything to a shaker. When you leave out the peach liqueur you have to add a little more of honey mix to get a balanced drink. The surprising thing is that even with 0,75 cl the peach eau de vie clearly stands out in the drink. The white rum and pineapple nicely add a few exotic notes. In the back of the taste the mint finally rounds off the drink with some herbal notes.

The Everlasting Muse:
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4,5 cl Plantation 3 Stars Rum
0,75 cl Gölles Peach Eau de Vie
3 cl Lemon Juice
2,25 cl Pineapple Juice
2,25 cl Honey Mix
Shake – double strain – chilled Tiki mug over ice;
Garnish: Mint sprig, dried lime wheel;
Song: Belle and Sebastian – Everlasting Muse;


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