Your Sigh – Siglo Cero Pox

Finally, I got around to write about the infamous Siglo Cero Pox! The what, you might ask and I completely understand why. So, for those of you who never heard of Pox, it is a corn, sugarcane and wheat based spirit from Mexico. However, my blogger friend Johann already warned me that because of its delicate flavours it is a bit challenging to mix with. Let us see how a Last Word variation with it turned out!

The second new product from Dr. Sours besides the Mezcal Local is quite special. Produced in Chiapas, Mexico the Pox supposedly dates back to the Maya period where it was an ancestral beverage. The mash bill of this special spirit consists of four different types of corn, sugarcane and wheat. Apart from that, it is only legal to distil Pox in Mexico since 2012.

Complex overripe fruits

While the Pox is obviously different from a mezcal, it is inherently Mexican. You just can taste the different elements of it and you get that “umami” and a bit unclean note you come to love with agave based Mexican spirits. While the corn pretty much takes first stage in the taste, you can also find notes of sugarcane. It clearly reminds me of a white dog. However, you can find more fruit notes in the Pox.

Not a whole last word

I cannot tell you how the idea of mixing a Last Word variation. It seemed just like a great way of using the Pox. However, green Chartreuse seemed too intense for the delicate aromas, so I went for Strega. The same applies for the Maraschino usually used in the Last Word. This is why I also exchanged it for an Italian lemon liqueur.

You Sigh:
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4,5 cl Siglo Cero Pox
3 cl Strega
3 cl Nardini Aqua Cedro
3 cl Lime Juice
Shake – strain – chilled Cocktail glass;
Garnish: Dried lime wheel;
Song: Charlie Cunningham – You Sigh;



The “You Sigh” is somehow like a softer Last Word cocktail. There are similar herbal notes in the taste, but of course it lacks the typical Chartreuse note. Therefore, it makes up for it in overripe fruit notes and citrus notes. It is very refreshing, but yet complex. The taste of the Pox is a little subdued, but it still can be detected between the herbs and citrus fruits in the flavour.

*The fact that I received a product reviewed in this article for free, did not – in any way – influence the rating of said product. The Siglo Cero Pox was provided by Fifteen Lions.

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