Spirited News 03/2017: Freimeister Kollektiv

If your slogan is “true craft spirits – no bulls*hit” expectations for your products are quite high! So, I thought I put the different spirits from Freimeister Kollektiv to the test to see if they can live up to the motto. At first glance at least the design of the bottles seems to keep up with the promise!

The so called collective consists of several artesian distillers and some bartenders who set out to create honest and revolutionary products. They like to experiment and create new spirits or versions of standard ones. All of this is done at a fair price and distribution via the internet to connoisseurs and gastronomic enterprises as well. The current portfolio contains coffee eau de vie, curacao liqueur, gin, vodka and a white dog. However, the inventory is growing steadily with five new wild herb spirits being available soon.

A whole bunch of different flavours

It would take too long to describe each spirit in detail, but let me tell you this: All of them are worth their money! I especially enjoyed the Kangunu AA Coffee Eau De Vie, with its heavy chocolate notes, the spicy and complex Amaranth Vodka and the White Dog which is fruity and very mellow for its 58,5 % ABV. Below you will find all of my tasting notes!

*The fact that I received a product reviewed in this article for free, did not – in any way – influence the rating of said product.

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